“Plandemic” Does Not Expose the Truth, But It Illuminates the Questions We Should Be Asking

I’ve been seeing the documentary “Plandemic” circulate around social media the past couple of days, and I’d like to address a few things about the root causes of the problem mentioned in it. I watched it, and want to understand what is causing people to share it and other theories about COVID-19.

First, so that we can make sure we’re on the same page: I think the simplest solution is that COVID-19 is just a global viral pandemic. These things happen, and we know they’re going to happen. They happened before with the Spanish Flu, Black Death, etc. They will happen again. That’s just part of living on Earth. There was nothing planned about this disease in particular — pandemics just happen.

Now, to address the actual issues brought up. I watched it, and if I were to distill the three biggest takeaways from the film, they would largely be these three questions:

Why is our healthcare system failing us?

Why is the private sector failing us?

Why is the government failing us?

I think these are all legitimate questions. Truly, I find myself asking them often. So for the moment, let’s agree that we’re largely on the same page. These three questions should be on the mind of everyone right now, because they’re essentially self-evident.

Now, our answers to these questions may diverge at this point. I would suggest you keep an open mind while I dissect each question.

Why is our healthcare system failing us?

The documentary posits that this is an intentional conspiracy to keep as many people sick so that they may profit off the cure. Let’s place that idea aside, and address some truths about our healthcare system. Rather than think there’s a cabal of evil illuminati-type figures, perhaps it can be distilled into the same thing everything in America is based upon: profit.

Public hospitals don’t turn a profit, so they’ve been systematically shut down in favor of private ones. Creating vast stores of masks, gloves, and other PPE doesn’t turn a profit, so they’ve been rationed to the point of the bare minimum being available ahead of a pandemic. Subsidizing healthcare doesn’t turn a profit, so we’re expected to pay extortionate prices for basic care so that insurance companies can maybe assist us.

This is why we have to make ramshackle hospitals in central park, why we have to make cloth masks that don’t even work, and why tests are unavailable to the majority. Not because of a conspiracy — because it doesn’t make a profit.

Why is the private sector failing us?

Some 30 million people have lost their jobs due to COVID. Sick leave is not granted, rent is not frozen, and job conditions are not safe. Why is that? Profit.

Paying workers more for hazard pay doesn’t turn a profit, so they’re laid off instead, while CEOs and executives get bonuses and stock buybacks. Paying for sick leave doesn’t turn a profit, paying for PPE doesn’t turn a profit, and paying unemployment benefits doesn’t turn a profit. Rent being frozen doesn’t turn a profit.

This is why we are facing a crisis of unemployment, homelessness, and sickness — because addressing those problems doesn’t turn a profit.

Why is our government failing us?

Have you noticed that of the four bills Congress has passed, 5 trillion dollars have been spent, and you’ve maybe received 1200 dollars? I haven’t even gotten mine yet. Meanwhile, they’ve gone on recess for the foreseeable future, and we see politicians ON BOTH SIDES expecting us to go back to work while they wait out the pandemic in their gated communities. Why? Profit.

Who funds Congress? The very same insurance companies, banks, and private companies that cause the problems we’ve just discussed. They only care about profit. And now, Congress is on their payroll. Why would Congress bite the hand that feeds? Nancy Pelosi is worth millions of dollars because of private corporations. Why would she pass legislation that would slightly empty her coffers? Mitch McConnell is worth millions of dollars because of a predatory insurance industry. Why would he pass legislation that would make him give up a fraction of his bribe money?

The cancer upon this country is not a cabal of illuminati elite, waving us around like marionettes for nefarious purposes. The cancer is capitalism run amok — lawless — where only the rich can get richer, while we, the working class, subsidize their golden parachutes and ivory towers.

It’s very easy to get bogged down into conspiracy theories, because we all know something isn’t right. We’re paying taxes into a system and getting nothing in return. Why are we the only developed country with no healthcare, no sick leave, no social safety net for the unemployed? Because we’re told time and time again by these wealthy people that we just can’t afford it. Is that true?

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk have all seen their net worths skyrocket during this pandemic. Have you? Now consider the fact that if you paid one dollar in taxes this year, you’ve paid more than all of these men combined. This is why our healthcare system has failed us. This is why the private sector has failed us. This is why our government has failed us.

It is not a nefarious scheme so much as it is wealthy elite living off of the blood money that we earn for them. We put our lives on the line to work during the crisis, receiving no benefits or increased pay or even protective equipment, while they tell us we just can’t afford to live any better.

Your anger is justified. Your frustration is truthful. But instead of blaming an invisible puppet-master, it’s time to blame the invisible hand of capitalism.

The only way we overcome this is through solidarity of the working class. We must organize, unionize, and liberate ourselves from the tyranny of the wealthy elite.

The stock market crashed when we all stopped working. That should tell you that we control this country. We’ve just been led to believe we don’t. That’s difficult right now, because we’re quarantined. We should stay quarantined to keep our brothers and sisters safe, and to protect those on the frontlines of the healthcare battle, but when this is over, I hope you will take a moment and realize that society doesn’t have to be this way.

The choice between staying home and going broke, or dying at work for a few extra bucks is a false choice. The people calling for us to go back to work know it. They just don’t care if you or I die if it makes them just a few dollars more.

Our power is our numbers. It’s time to fight back.

This country can be what we want it to be. We only need to awaken to our own power, and take back what’s ours. I believe in us. Do you?

Solidarity now. Solidarity forever.

stream of class consciousness